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Norway: The journey to the journey

Our latest photo journey brings us to the Lofoten Islands, Norway. And let me tell you, getting here has been a journey all on its own.

We left our home in Minnesota with our backpacks and camera equipment. Four planes, a boat, and more than 24 hours later, we arrived in Reine, in the Lofoten Islands. As the ferry boat pulled closer, the fjords seem to grow right out of the Atlantic. While there are other ways to arrive in Lofoten, I recommend taking the ferry. I love the sense of excitement that builds as we get closer to our destination. You can't beat it. Our arrival was greeted with rain. Which is just fine, because after the long trip, a bed and a pillow without the guilt of not being out shooting in the light, were just the ticket.

My wife and I have been enchanted by the Lofoten Islands for years. But this is the first chance we've had to visit. We are most excited for the spectacular views offered of the fjords and the fishing villages that dot the coast. As we continue our journey, we'll post more snapshots of what you can expect to find in my new Norway gallery coming soon.

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