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NEW - Metal prints with handmade walnut frames

To give the photograph a unique pop of color, crispness and contemporary look, you can order your Mike Behr Photography print on metal. Add a custom handmade walnut frame to give it a finished look. 

The frames were designed by me to mimic the smooth feel of the metal print while not taking away from the image. Hand selected walnut boards are cut, joined, and sanded to a smooth surface before being stained the perfect color. Then, the metal print is mounted, floating a quarter inch above the wood for a dramatic effect. The metal print sits just over 3 inches from the sharp, squared off edges of the sides of the frame. 


If you prefer an unframed look, your print comes ready to hang with a float frame mounted behind the print. It is recessed in a couple inches to give the appearance your artwork is floating off the wall. 

To order your Mike Behr Photography print on metal please call Mike Behr directly and we will speak about your options and get the right size and look ready for your home. 612-723-1738

Sizes and pricing listed below.

3:2 aspect ratio - standard
2:1 aspect ratio
3:1 aspect ratio - Panoramic
1:1 aspect ratio - Square
triptych sizes

Coming Soon!

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